Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Penny Thoughts ‘13—Pitch Perfect (2012) ***

PG-13, 112 min.
Director: Jason Moore
Writers: Kay Cannon, Mickey Rapkin (novel)
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Ben Platt, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Rebel Wilson, Alexis Knapp, Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee, Adam DeVine, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Elizabeth Banks, John Michael Higgins, John Benjamin Hickey

I, like many, was surprised by this movie. It looked like a silly movie about collegiate a cappella competitors in the trailer, which is what it is, but it is much funnier than such a subject matter deserves and it has some truly impressive a cappella arrangements. I think the film speaks for itself better than I can. Here are some of its hilarious one-liners.

Aubrey: You call yourself Fat Amy?
Fat Amy: Yeah, so twig bitches like you don't do it behind my back.

Bumper: I have a feeling we should kiss. Is that a good feeling or an incorrect feeling?
Fat Amy: Well... sometimes I have the feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm... better not.

Gail: Nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who sings like a boy.

John: Women are about as good at a cappella as they are at being doctors.

Jewish Student: Shalom.
Fat Amy: That's not a real word but keep trying. You. Will. Get. There.

And finally…

Lilly: I ate my twin in the womb.

There are many more, but I don’t want to ruin them all, and they’re much funnier in context.

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