Monday, February 15, 2016

Twitter Thoughts—February Week 2

Featured films:
Swing Shift (1984) ***
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015) ****
Key Largo (1948) ***½
I Origins (2014) ****
The Wind and the Lion (1975) **
Logan’s Run (1976) ***½
Deadpool (2016) ***½
Gigi (1958) *½

The big story of the week was “Deadpool”, which blasted the doors off the February box office, setting many numbers of records, including biggest February opening, biggest R-rated opening, and biggest opening by a first time director. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but my favorites of the week were the Kurt Cobain HBO documentary “Montage of Heck”, which does a great job of depicting the immense psychological pain the reluctant rock star endured; and the greatly undervalued sci-fi flick from the writer and director of “Another Earth”, “I Origins”. Once again, filmmaker Mike Cahill gives us a compelling science fiction that takes place in a world we can believe is our own reality. In it a scientist sets out to prove once and for all that God does not exist by isolating the tangible element that makes up what we feel is the soul and inadvertently may end up proving that reincarnation is real.

The #DLMChallenge hit a new milestone for me this week as well. On the latest episode of Doug Loves Minis, titled “The Cable Guy”, Doug read my “Montage of Heck” tweet and made fun of my Twitter handle, but he figured it out, which I often wonder if people do. I hope to change it to apennyinthewell soon, but my ancient computer is having troubles with browser compatibility, which seems to affect editing options on most incompatible sites first. Since I intend to replace it soon, I’ll probably wait for the browser upgrade.

Here are this week’s tweets.

I remember liking Swing Shift as a kid, helped me to understand the labor phenomenon created by the war. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 43

‪#KurtCobain Montage Of Heck. So much pain. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 44

Bogart, Bacall & Robinson bring classic star power to a classic thriller in Key Largo. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 45

Mike Cahill finds the symbiosis between science and religion in his superb sci-fi ‪#IOrigins. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 46

Sean Connery plays an Arab with a Scottish accent in John Milius's bumbling and banal The Wind and the Lion. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 47

While heavily dated, ‪#LogansRun is a remarkable science fiction that deserves a well-made update. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 48

I heard that ‪#DeadpoolMovie was all over the place. It seemed right on target to me. F'n hilarious. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 49

For Valentine's Day I watched 1958 Best Picture winner Gigi, also celebrated for excellence in misogyny and pedophilia. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 50

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