Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Twitter Thoughts—February 2016 Week 3

Featured films:
Abe Lincoln In Illinois (1940) ****
Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of National Lampoon (2015) ***
Marooned (1969) **
Teen Witch (1989) zero stars
The Thin Man (1934) ****
The Magnificent Seven (1960) ***
Race (2016) ***
A Boy and His Dog (1947) **
The Fortune Cookie (1966) ***
A Star Is Born (1976) ***

An even ten movies graced my eyes and brain this week. It started on a high note with the classic political drama “Abe Lincoln In Illinois”, which in light of this year’s political campaign reveals surprising parallels between Lincoln and Trump. Next I learned more than I knew about National Lampoon and discovered that “The Martian” had already been made as the 1969 visual effects Oscar winner “Marooned”, except that version lacked the charm and wit of Matt Damon and the vision and tension of Ridley Scott’s direction.

The podcast How Did This Get Made? suckered me into the soul crushing fantasy teen romance “Teen Witch”, which I promptly cleansed from my palate with the comic murder mystery classic “The Thin Man”. My weekend was mostly good with new and classic films alike. My current viewing habits have been dominated by TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar event, which continues for the next two weeks.

Now, here are this week’s tweets.

For Presidents Day I watched Abe Lincoln In Illinois. So much better than my Valentine's Day selection. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 51

‪#NationalLampoon Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead proves that if you put a gun to a dog's head, it could make a good doc. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 52

The space rescue movie Marooned (1969) would've worked much better as a comedy. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 53

‪#TeenWitch is an 80s clad, awkward teen romance made in the style of a late night skin flick. ‪#HDTGM ‪#DLMChallenge No. 54

‪#TheThinMan is such a delightful murder mystery. Is a comparable combination to Powell and Loy is even possible today? ‪#DLMChallenge No. 55

Trump's right about that wall. A Jew can't get work as a Mexican in Hollywood anymore. ‪#TheMagnificentSeven ‪#DLMChallenge No. 56

‪#RaceMovie dramatizes the feats of a most important historical figure whose true value has yet to be fully realized. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 57

1947 Oscar-winning short A Boy and His Dog maybe should be called A Boy and Somebody Else's Dog That He Stole. ‪#dlmchallenege No. 58

Introducing the great Lemmon/Mathau comedic team ‪#TheFortuneCookie also gives great criticism of our legal system. ‪#dlmchallenege No. 59

Can't help but thinking Babs & Kristofferson just hated each other while making A Star Is Born. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 60

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