Monday, October 14, 2013

Horror Thoughts ‘13—Mickey Mouse in Ghoul Friend (2013) ***½

TV-G, 4 min.
Director/Writer: Paul Rudish
Voices: Chris Diamantopoulos, Bill Farmer

“Ghoul Friend” is a new Disney short from their Emmy-winning series “Mickey Mouse”, which produces new classic style Disney cartoons to run as fillers between Disney Channel shows. “Ghoul Friend” would be their Halloween entry which premiered last week, although I stumbled upon it on the website Zombie Apocalypse Monthly.

Why would a Mickey Mouse cartoon be featured in a link on a website called Zombie Apocalypse Monthly you ask? Quite simply, because Goofy has joined the zombie craze that has been sweeping the entertainment industry. Before I first watched the episode, I figured it was a fan made spoof or something. I didn’t realize it was a genuine Disney article. I’m so glad it is too, because that yielded something different than I had expected from a three-minute cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse and an undead Goofy.

The story finds Mickey driving through a dark forest when his car breaks down. He tries to fix it, but doesn’t have the right tools. Then he senses another presence and we see a zombified Goofy standing in the background. I won’t reveal just where it goes, but I will say it isn’t the cynical look at beloved childhood characters I expected. It stays within the spirit of classic Disney cartoons, despite Goofy’s unfortunate condition.

It’s great to see Disney returning to its roots in a way that new generations can experience what classic cartoons were like. Incorporating modern pop culture into classic style animation helps to make this style of animation more accessible to modern audiences. I’m sorry Goofy had to die to make it all happen, though.

Watch the cartoon short below. 

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