Friday, October 18, 2013

Horror Thoughts ‘13—M is for Messiah (2013) ***

NR, 3 min.
Director: Michael Prince
Writer: William L. Bradley
Starring: Nathan Atkins, Ryan Izay, Brynn Izay

I have not seen “The ABCs of Death”, an anthology style horror flick that was released this spring that compiled 26 short films with each focusing on a letter of the alphabet. Apparently, its producers are already compiling the second ABCs film which will feature another 26 horror shorts shot by 26 new directors, including one to be chosen through a contest on the website. A friend of a friend has submitted one for the competition entitled “M is for Messiah”.

His is a funny take on the second coming of Jesus. Of course, we all know the second coming isn’t about Jesus dying for our sins again. This time the J man brings some death and destruction of his own, hence its qualification as a horror film. It is lighthearted though, and produces more than a couple laughs over its brief two and half minute running time. I particularly liked how there was a popping sound every time Jesus performed some sort of paranormal act. It’s a sound much like that produced when you stick your finger in your mouth and pop it out to the side. Nice touch.

I may yet have to add the first “ABCs of Death” to my Horrorfest ’13 schedule as it is currently streaming on Netflix. Anyone with more than a passing interest should also visit the ABCs of Death website to check out all the contest submissions—or just some as there are literally hundreds of entries—and vote for the ones you want to see in the second film. The list of M movies alone goes on and on and probably ten or twelve of them are titled “M is for Messiah”. Be sure to vote for the one directed by Michael Prince, though. You’re welcome, Rick (and Mike). 


M. Prince said...

Hey, thanks for the kind words! Glad you dug it, we had a lo of fun making it!

Just a bit of shameless promotion, if readers who enjoy the flick could go to the site and click the "Like" button above the video player (Not the vimeo "like" button, but the facebook-y one) that's how they tabulate votes for the contest! And then share the link with their friends and family (and enemies) that would be great! It's the kind of infectious that's good to spread!

Thanks again!

Andrew Wells said...

No problem. I did find it difficult to figure out how to vote, so thanks for clarifying that for the readers. Pop!