Monday, March 28, 2016

Twitter Thoughts—March 2016 Week 3

Featuring the films:
The Covenant (2006) *
Bloodsport (1988) *
Good Will Hunting (1997) ***½
Big Game (2015) **
Pee Wee’s Big Holiday (2016) **  

Truthfully, it was not a good week of films in The Well. As such, I believe this week’s entry will be brief (This will also hopefully allow me to catch up again, since I’ve been running about a week behind for the month of March).

Renny Harlin’s Abercrombie & Fitch-inspired teen witch horror flick “The Covenant” and the world’s introduction to Jean Claude Van Damme “Bloodsport” were both watched expressly for the podcast “How Did This Get Made?” Needless to say, they were both just awful. The action adventure “Big Game”, from “Rare Exports” director Jalmari Helander, in which Samuel L. Jackson plays the POTUS being hunted in the Scandinavian wilderness, and the Netflix original “Peewee’s Big Holiday” each have their admirable aspects but just didn’t quite get there in terms of overall recommendation.

Which leaves “Good Will Hunting”, a St. Patrick’s Day suggestion from one of those websites that incessantly posts lists of movies you should or shouldn’t watch for this thing or that. I hadn’t watched it since I originally saw it in theaters. At the time, I admired the notion of young filmmakers like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck making their marks with their Oscar win for best original screenplay. I wasn’t sure if it had just seemed like it was a great movie at the time because of their unlikely success. The truth is, those stupidly good-looking Massholes made a damn good movie. It holds one of Robin Williams’s greatest performances as well. Many called his Oscar win for Best Supporting Actor a career award, but his performance in this film alone warrants the win.

Here are the Tweets.

‪#TheCovenant showcases the fall 2006 Abercrombie & Witch line, and that's the best it has to offer. ‪#HDTGM ‪#DLMChallenge No. 75

The fact that ‪#Bloodsport is supposedly based on a true story somehow makes it worse. ‪@HDTGM ‪#DLMChallenge No. 76

Watching ‪#GoodWillHunting for St. Patty's Day. Haven't seen it since I watched it in the theater. It's good. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 77

‪#BigGame is a fun concept that never quite gets it's full steam going despite an impressive cast. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 78

While I can appreciate ‪#PeeWeesBigHoliday I really can't recommend it for anyone but Pee Wee diehards. ‪#DLMChallenge No. 79

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