Monday, January 26, 2015

Penny Thoughts ‘15—Galavant, season 1 (2015) ***½

TV-14, 8 23-min. episodes
Creator: Dan Fogelman

Directors: Chris Koch, John Fortenberry, James Griffiths

Writers: Dan Fogelman, Alan Menken (music), Glenn Slater (lyrics), Kirker Butler, John Hoberg, Casey Johnson, Kat Likkel, Kristin Newman, Scott Weinger, David Windsor

Starring: Joshua Sasse, Karen David, Timothy Omundson, Mallory Jansen, Vinnie Jones, Luke Youngblood, Darren Evans, Ben Presley, Stanley Townsend, Genevieve Allenbury

Guest starring: Tim Plester, Sophie McShera, Rutger Hauer, Faith Prince, Weird ‘Al’ Yankovic, Hugh Bonneville, Michael Brandon, Michael Jibson, Rory Wilton, Ricky Gervais, John Stamos, Kenneth Collard, Anthony Head

I can’t tell you how happy I am that ABC was willing to take a risk like this on network television. A few years ago, who could’ve imagined a half-hour comedy musical set in medieval times in which the characters make fun of themselves, musicals, network television and all sorts of stereotypes? I think streaming services have a lot to do with the networks putting risks like this one out there.

I don’t know about you, but I found it all terribly fun and entertaining. Yes, it was silly, but that’s the whole point. I mean Rutger Hauer and Vinnie Jones in a costumed musical comedy? Their agents must’ve had themselves a pretty good laugh when they were initially approached. And somehow, it did work when all was said and done.

No, a show of this type isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Because of this, the network had trouble deciding whether to market it as a mini-series or a recurring transition period series, which—from its cliffhanger ending—I’m guessing is how they originally intended it. Analysts say that it is certain to be canceled.  Of course, they shoved the entire series into a four-week January spot that is deadly for its mainstay “Once Upon a Time” going up against big end-of-season football games. Shouldn’t they have expected it to struggle in the ratings? Plus, it is a niche show.

I would love to see more episodes of “Galavant”. As a niche show, maybe it would be a better fit for streaming television, e.i. “Community” or the upcoming “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. Either way, I’m invested and would like to see more of this show.

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