Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Penny Thoughts ‘13—Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall (2012) ****

TV-14, 90 min.
Director: Toby Haynes
Writers: Steve Thompson, Mark Gatiss (creator), Steven Moffat (creator), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (works)
Starring: Benedict Cumberbacth, Martin Freeman, Andrew Scott, Una Stubbs, Rupert Graves, Mark Gatiss, Louise Brealey, Katherine Parkinson, Vinette Robinson, Jonathan Aris, Tony Pitts

I’m wondering what iconic “Sherlock” story details are left for season three of this amazing series. I’m sure there are many that I’m forgetting, but for those with knowledge of Sherlock’s adventures, “The Reichenbach Fall” is one of the crown jewels. For those unfamiliar with the books… well, I probably shouldn’t spoil what so famously happened at Reichenbach Falls.

Of course, there is no Reichenbach Falls in this updated version of Sherlock, so instead it becomes the subject of a famous painting of which Sherlock helps to recover.  This opens the whole storyline of Sherlock becoming too well known to be an effective detective. Here a photo taken of Sherlock in his famous deerstalker hat—from earlier in the series—becomes a point of contention for the sleuth.  I believe he refers to it as a “death Frisbee.” Watson explains that it is no longer a deerstalker, “It’s a Sherlock Holmes hat.” This self-referencing in the context of modern beliefs and practices is part of what makes this series absolutely brilliant.

Most importantly, however, “Reichenbach” marks the resolution of Sherlock’s dealings with Moriarty. I’m almost sad for this moment to come in the series, since Andrew Scott’s Moriarty is so original and simply delicious as a dramatic character. Don’t think that I spoiled too much there. As with any Sherlock story, it is the how that makes it so fun more so than the what. Yes, Sherlock and Moriarty have their final showdown, and what a show it is. I hope we don’t have to wait too far into 2014 for season three to make it stateside. Or perhaps I should just go live in London from October 31 thru November 14, so I can catch the episodes as they premiere there. 

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