Saturday, June 16, 2012

Penny Thoughts ‘12—DC Showcase: Catwoman (2011) ***

PG-13, 15 min.
Director: Lauren Montgomery
Writer: Paul Dini
Starring: Eliza Dusku, John DiMaggio, Liliana Mumy, Kevin Michael Richardson, Tara Strong, Cree Summer

Salena Kyle has never had a leading role as Catwoman in a motion picture before this 15-minute short was made as a companion to DC Comics’ direct-to-video adaptation of the classic Batman storyline “Batman: Year One” last year. Yes, there was a feature length “Catwoman” movie, but for some reason Warner Bros. chose to change the identity of Catwoman in that movie to another person entirely. And, although Tim Burton retained the name for his “Batman Returns” version of Catwoman, she was not the career criminal she’s always been in the comic books.

Catwoman is probably one of Batman’s most complex villains. This is because she is a villain, but she often helps people. As an attractive female with which he has frequent contact, she also taps into Batman’s base desires. In this movie, however, she’s a solo act. Set in the immediate universe of “Batman: Year One”, this movie see’s Catwoman as a hero of the lowest citizens on the Gotham City food chain. As such, this cartoon is in no way intended for children. There is a major scene set in a strip club that even has Kyle performing an act in her cat suit.

This short is certainly no major work of film. Written by the same man responsible for most of “Batman: The Animated Series”, which was made with older children in mind, the feel of the film is a little uncertain. It’s certainly for adults only, but it isn’t made at a purely adult maturity level. Maybe it just seems that way, since the animation style is so close to children’s afternoon cartoons. It is, however, a satisfying story within the Batman universe. The vocal talent are all holdovers from the “Batman: Year One” feature. It will please Batman fans.

Watch the entire short film below.

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