Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Review of Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut (Blu-ray + Digital Copy)

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Multi-disc set. Real-world super heroes must emerge from retirement to solve a murder of one of their own, in the shadow of nuclear armageddon. Directed by Zack Snyder (300). Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut is the version never seen in theaters, integrating the animated Tales from the Black Freighter in...

Expanded version better than theatrical

By ydnasllew from Marshall, MO on 9/22/2010


5out of 5

Pros: Entertaining, Great Cinematography, Topical commentary, High Production Value, Excellent Special Effects

Best Uses: At Home, Adult Viewers

Describe Yourself: Movie Buff

I know many people felt that a longer version of the already lengthy movie adaptation of the graphic novel "Watchmen" could only mire the story in more boredom. I was actually a fan of the theatrical release, but I can see why many weren't. It was an oddly paced movie, a comic book adaptation with a brain that couldn't decide whether it wanted to be a superhero movie or a philosophical rant about time and man's penchant for self-destruction. Well, in a way it is both, except it's a deconstruction of the superhero movie, not actually a superhero movie. The extended version of the movie, now more than 3½ hours with a very dark and morbid cartoon called "Tales of the Black Freighter" edited into the main storyline as juxtaposition, actually feels more relaxed than the theatrical cut. This helps to clarify the underlying issues of the film, while relieving the action of the film from the task of having to pull the audience along. Certainly this is an experience only meant for the more cerebral film watcher, but it makes the movie worthy of the groundbreaking comic book upon which it is based.


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